“This vial and unparalleled threat to our security”

“Our enemy is an icidious one, seeking to divide us”

“Bring him down” literally and figuratively

The chancellor is describing himself

“Justice will be swift, it will be righteous and it will be without mercy”

Mr creedy “disgusting” fires the bullet

“It’s time to have a look at your face, take off your mask” “no.”

“We have guns” “no what you have are bullets”

“Kill him” shots fired, v looks theatrical like a dance

He rises “my turn”

V kills everyone that’s helped or apart of it, no mercy

“Die, die, why won’t you die”

“Beneath there is more than flesh, beneath this mask there is an idea Mr Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof” strangles him on the bars

Shot of v, he is trapped behind the bars, has to keep to his word


“My fellow englishmen”

“Will not go undefended” security “where is he” irony

“We must remain united” empty rooms

“Prosecuted as a terrorist without leniency or exception”

“For all the things you’ve done, for what you might have done..” gives rose

“With my hands around your neck” exactly what follows, rehearsed feel about v

2 knives spins 5 times before hitting the men

Takes off bulletproof vest, hits the floor, we can sense he is about to die


Mise en scene and symbolism

“Justice will be without mercy”

“And for the only thing you ever left”

Mask symbolism

Close up of v’s face, they back off

“You’ve got nothing but your bloody knives”

“Because when your guns are empty you will be dead within minn  utes”

V takes a breath when he is shot, builds suspense and momentum, music picks up

“Why won’t you die?!”

Act of killing seem graceful, every person killed is one step closer to a better world

V referring to the norsefire party

Relates to domino scene as they are also being brought down


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