The first domino is laid down, we see v’s glove

We see the masks being delivered, one to mr finch “700,000 at least”

“I want everyone caught in one of those masks arrested”

“Mr creedy I’m holding you personally responsible for this situation”

“He knows us better than we know ourselves”

“I suddenly had this feeling that everything was connected”

“I felt like I could see everything that had happened, and everything that was going to happen”

“One long chain of events” shot of dominoes “It was like a perfect pattern laid out in front of me”

Little girl in glasses shot in mask

“All v needs to do is keep his word and then..” low level soundtrack, dominoes flicked by v, begin to fall, overlaid effectively in order to create response for viewer

Riots start, guns are fired

V symbol displayed at the end

One domino is left, v picks it up and looks at it, all other dominoes are pointing towards it


Dominoes a motif to v’s plan

Last domino represents Eve

Dominoes symbolic of his plan and the people he has an effect on

Montage used, not in chronological order, used alongside dialogue to show was it going to happen and what has already happened

Monumental moment has emotional impact on the viewer

Foreshadowing of what’s to come

“Anarchy in the UK”

Symbol for anarchy resembles v’s symbol upside down

Dominoes sound like bullets, crowd, people yelling

V – peace, 5, 5th of november, victorious, roman numeral for 5, vengence

Eve putting scarlett carsons down on the table, V and eve end up connecting, goes beyond on the movie

Lark hill is the centre where v was held, same with Eve

Allusion to guy fawkes, as one of v’s heroic role models

Waking up on the 5th of november

Dialogue is strengthened by the images that we see

Mr creedy has been betrayed, now he is betraying the chancellor

Dialogue is enhanced by visuals, momentum developed, layered for the viewer to get to the climatic moment

Director has utilized societal links

When v flicks the dominoes his hands form a v – symbolism


Dominoes line up, shot of trains lined up, boxes of masks lined up

“This is exactly what he wants” “what” man with gun in shop “anarchy in the uk” “chaos”

“Like a perfect pattern laying out in front of me”

“We are all part of it”

“It was a feeling, but I can guess” relation to dominoes

And then…. Real footage of wars

V symbol and then one domino

Scene is fast, losing control feel


“That’s why I went to larkhill last night”

“One long chain of events” shot of dominoes

Montage of his dialogue

“All trapped by it” eve under the bed different stages of her life, gordon, her mum

“The chancellor will be forced to do the only thing he knows how to do” guns line up

The dominoes falling form the letter v


Box delivered to little girl, shot of her in the mask and cape, flying free, first time we see her act like a child

“I suddenly had this feeling that everything was connected”

“All trapped by it” v in front of the gates as last shot

Guy showing his police badge after killing girl, everyone surrounding him

Picks up domino as his last masterpiece, moment

“Everything is connected” see it playing out visually, hear it, symbolism, cinematography devices are connected


Symbolism / Dialogue


Who are the real terrorists?

Graceful collapse of everything in the way of a peaceful world

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